According to American psychologist Marshal Duke’s research on rituals and myths within the family, telling our children about family events can help boost their confidence when confronting all types of challenges.

Nevertheless, the frantic pace that most of us live with today, together with the use of mobile devices and the saturation of personal entertainment options, makes us less prone to spend time sharing experiences as a family.

The team of The Dreamsons believes that technology can be used to the advantage of family life, offering fun learning experiences that can be shared by parents and children.

With this in mind we have created The Dreamsons. They can help you recover those situations and inspire you to share your own experiences.

The Dreamsons is a project conceived to be used in a digital environment. But we are conscious of the need to balance the use of technology with other activities. That’s why we’ve created activities and objects that are complimentary to the applications and ebooks… all to share your memories and experiences in the real world.

Arturo Paracuellos, creator of The Dreamsons

The Team

  • Direction and Art - Arturo Paracuellos
  • Development - Abel Campos (Unity), Daniel Castilla (HTML)
  • Music - Guillermo Laporta
  • Story - Nuria Elices y Arturo Paracuellos
  • Creativity thinking - Pilu Sanchez

They have also collaborated...

Sandra Royo (Art), Guillermo Zafra & Sergio Martinez-Losa (Cocos 2D), Diego Marquina (HTML), Margarita e Irene Tremblay (Translations), Susana García (Toy Manufacturing)

This project is produced with the support of